WEST MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK UPDATE: West Mountain’s Bike Park, due to the mountain being under construction this summer with the new chairlift, the West Express chairlift being retrofitted for downloading as well as other major projects for future summer business; will not be open this summer. We will resume as soon as possible, hopefully late this fall but most likely next summer. Sorry for the interruption. Please stay up to date on all West Mountain’s improvement updates at westmtn.net or on Facebook and Instagram.

For Information call 518-636-3699 ext. 0

Welcome to the West Mountain Bike Park Trail Map Page! We are adding trails daily so please visit westmtn.net for updates! Our XC and Downhill trail maps are located below! All West Mountain Bike Park trails are serviced by our West Express Chairlift during scheduled business hours Thursday-Sunday. Mountain Biking on West Mountain Property is strictly prohibited without an access band, and mountain biking is only allowed on West Mountain property during scheduled business hours. We will only allow uphill travel on our designated uphill trail.

XC Map/Downhill Map