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Get your skis/boards Montana tuned at West Mountain Sports (located across the courtyard from the Main Lodge)!

Ski Trails & Conditions

(*Trails serviced by the NW chair open at 3pm weekdays non-holiday & 10am on weekends and holidays, weather permitting. The NW Lift closes by 8:30pm on weeknights and Saturdays and by 4pm on Sundays.)

Snowmaking and Grooming is the Best at West! We now have 100% snowmaking abilities on the mountain!

New Snow: 8-11” Snow Base Depth: 24-48’
MG=Machine Groomed, P=Powder, PP=Packed Powder, LG=Loose Granular, FG=Frozen Granular, WG=Wet Granular, SC=Spring Conditions, C=Corn, I=Icy, VC=Variable Conditions, TC=Thin Cover, TP=Terrain Park
Trail Difficulty Conditions Snowmaking
Melon Patch Green MG-FG No
The Face Green MG-FG No
The North Face Green MG-FG No
The Meadow Green MG-FG No
The Frolic Green MG-FG No
Coy Dog Blue MG-FG No
The Alley Blue MG-FG No
Chute Green MG-FG No
Turtle Back Green MG-FG No
Inchworm Green MG-FG No
Upper Holy Mackerel Green MG-FG No
Lower Holy Mackerel Green MG-FG No
Gnar-Wall Blue-Black MG-FG No
Gnar-Wall North Black MG-FG No
Slip Thru Blue MG-FG No
Crossover Blue MG-FG No
Shortcut Blue MG-FG No
Mach* Blue MG-FG No
Go-Go* Blue MG-FG No
Northwest Glades Black MG-FG No
Northwest Passage* Blue MG-FG No
Midway* Green MG-FG No
AOA* Black MG-FG No
Evergreen Pass* Green MG-FG No
Gleason’s Road Blue MG-FG No
Front Yard* Blue MG-FG No
Connection* Blue MG-FG No
Bannister* Blue MG-FG No
Brandt’s Pass Green/TP MG-FG No
The Cure Double Black MG-FG No
Terrain Park (The Face) TP MG-FG No
Tubing Park N/A MG No