Slush Cup and Cardboard Sled Derby 2019

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Sunday, March 31 is the Cardboard Sled Derby (12pm), followed by the Slush Cup (1-4:30pm) with awards immediately following each event. Bring your friends, wear a costume, and have some fun!

Cardboard Sled Derby Rules:

Design Guidelines:

  • Only regular cardboard, duct tape, paint, markers, and crayons can be used in the construction of the cardboard sled.
  • Sleds cannot be wrapped in plastic or shrink wrapped.
  • No wood, glue, industrial adhesives, staples, rope or wire will be permitted on a sled. Keep designs family friendly – NO PROFANITY ALLOWED. Duct tape or wax can be used on the bottom of the sled.
  • All Sleds must have a front, rear, bottom and two sides.


Race Rules:

  • You must be 6 years or older to participate. Minors (under 18) will need a parent’s signature.
  • Maximum of 3 participants per sled.
  • Riders are not allowed to use their hands to push their sled down the hill once they have crossed the start line. Push Starts ONLY, NO running starts.
  • Costumes are welcome and encouraged
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to wear helmets.
  • All sleds, parts, and participants must cross the finish line.
  • In the case that none of the Teams make it across the finish line, the Race Winner will be based on the sled that made it the furthest distance over speed, provided the sled stays intact.


Prizes Awarded For…

  • Best Time – Whomever makes it across the finish line first
  • Best in Show – Best Costume and overall sled presentation


Race Details:

  • Announcer will give a 15 minute warning before all Sleds meet at the base of the Face. The Sleds and teams will walk up by the side of the Face and walk to “launch point” midway up the Face. A West Mtn Representative will assist you.
  • All sleds will line up on the Face at the start line and will begin at the same time.
  • The team/sled that makes it across the finish line first



The Cardboard Sled will be inspected by a West Mountain representative at the time of registration.

All teams and participants must fill out an Entry Form and sign a waiver at the Front Desk before 12pm.


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