As of August 2013, West Mountain is under NEW MANAGEMENT.  The Montgomery Family invites you, your family and friends to come home to West Mountain!

Spencer Montgomery — Co-owner and Managing Member

Mark LoBianco — Creative Manager

Sara Montgomery — General Manager (sara@westmtn.net)

Ron Nolan — Outside Operations Manager

Jeanne Moeller — Accounting/Business Office Manager

Regina Baker — Group & Special Event Coordinator/Inside Operations Assistant (regina@westmtn.net)

Mickey Hopkins — Food & Beverage Director

Jaime DeLong — Snowsports Director (Jaime@westmtn.net)

Gary Canale — West Mountain Sports Director

Jana Kilgallon — Front Desk/West Mountain Sports Retail Manager (jana@westmtn.net)

Sascha Mehalik — Interim Program Director, West Mountain Racing (sascha@westmtracing.com)