As of August 2013, West Mountain is under NEW MANAGEMENT.  On site operators Spencer and Sara Montgomery invite you, your family and friends to come home to West Mountain!

Spencer Montgomery — Co-owner and Managing Member (Spencer@westmtn.net)

Sara Montgomery — General Manager (Sara@westmtn.net)

Ron Nolin — Outside Operations Manager (Ron@westmtn.net)

Melinda Sadiki — Accounting/Business Office Manager (melinda@westmtn.net)

Maria Steele– Guest Services Manager  (Maria@westmtn.net)

Steve Magee– Mountain Services Manager (Steve@westmtn.net)

Jaime DeLong — Snowsports Director (Jaime@westmtn.net) 

Dan Hegener— West Mountain Sports Manager (Dan@westmtn.net)

Steve Lathrop—West Mountain Racing Alpine Race Director

Leanne Costantino- Group Sales & Marketing Assistant (Leanne@westmtn.net)