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Mountain Bike Park

Come Experience West Mountain’s Incredible Mountain Biking Trails!

The West Mountain’s Bike Park has miles of amazing cross-country and downhill trails (over 20 trails and counting) suitable for adults and children with mountain biking experience. We also offer Scott Mountain Bike Rentals. You must have an access band to ride the trails and only during business hours. The Bike Park will Open weekends beginning Saturday, June 6, 2020! The Bike Park will be Open 7 Days a Week Beginning July 6th! Please view our Summer hours of Operation Before Booking Your Ticket Online

Summer Hours Of Operation

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$20/12 and Under



Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult

Children must be able to sit alone to ride the chairlift

Children under 18 MUST HAVE a signed waiver by an adult before riding the park

All riders must sign a waiver

Uphill traffic is only allowed on designated uphill trail with access band

Mountain Biking Safety at West Mountain

Cyclists, like all mountain users, should always be alert to the risks inherent in the sport. Responsible behavior and good judgment are essential for you to safely enjoy mountain biking at West Mountain. Remember that the mountain environment poses potential hazards. Rocks, logs and other natural and man-made obstacles may be encountered suddenly and without warning. Be especially careful of water bars, which are ditches or mounds placed throughout the mountain to control erosion. They may be visible or hidden by grass and should be approached slowly and cautiously. We will have ski patrol on duty during business hours, but we ask our patrons to be alert at all times.

Know the West Mountain Code

Do not bike alone. Be Safe, Wear a Helmet when riding at West Mountain. Know your riding ability and do not try to exceed it. If in doubt, you can always walk your bike. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or cannot be seen by other mountain users. Be aware of hikers on our mixed use trails. Observe all CLOSED TRAIL signs, barriers and Caution ropes and signage. Do Not ride/hike off designated trails. Do not disturb animals or plants on the mountain. No Fires are Allowed on West Mountain Property. We do offer a picnic area on the Crow’s Nest Trail overlooking the Hudson River Gorge. Please carry out all picnic items when you are finished. Please do not litter. Mountain Biking is not allowed on the property during non-business hours.

The West Mountain Bike Park is located at West Mountain in beautiful Queensbury, NY!