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Rental Pre-fit Dates 2018/2019

Welcome to West Mountain’s 6-week Program Rental Pre-fit Page!

All Multi-Week Program Participants with rentals, please view the Rental Pre-fit schedule listed below. West Mountain Sports (located across the courtyard from the Main Lodge with the green roof) is here to serve our multi-week program participants. West Mountain Sports is the only rental shop affiliated with West Mountain.

West Mountain Sports offers affordable gloves, mittens, hats, goggles and more available during prefits!

Rental Pre-fit dates for the 2018/2019 Season!

Friday December 7 3pm-7pm
Saturday December 8 10am-2pm
Sunday December 9 10am-2pm
Friday December 14 3pm-8pm
Saturday December 15 10am-3pm
Sunday December 16 10am-3pm
Wednesday January 2 3pm-8pm
Thursday January 3 3pm-8pm