Welcome to West Mountain’s Summer Trails & Conditions Page! 


For A Complete List of Mountain Biking and Aerial Adventure Trails Please See Below

Mountain Biking Trails 

All downhill and cross-country trails are serviced by the West Express Chairlift and will open July 1, 2019.

Bike Trail Difficulty XC/DH Open/Closed
Crow’s Nest Green XC Closed
Cayote Run Green XC Closed
Deerfield Green XC Closed
Fox Lane Blue XC Closed
Outback Blue XC Closed
The Wall Blue XC Closed
Little Bear Blue XC Closed
Porcupine Run Green XC Closed
Quail Trail Green XC Closed
Slideshow Green XC Closed
Ale Trail Green XC Closed 
Big Easy Green DH Closed
High Voltage Black DH Closed
Ale Trail Green DH Closed
Low Voltage Black DH Closed
Flatline Blue DH Closed
The “Q” Blue DH Closed
Hot Trail Green DH Closed
Voltage Drop Double Black DH Closed
Delivery Black DH Closed
Flatline Double Black DH Closed

Aerial Adventure Trails

All Aerial Adventure trails are serviced by the West Express Chairlift and will open July 1, 2019.

Aerial Trail Hub Color Difficulty Open/Closed
Iroquois A Blue Difficult Closed
Uncas A Green Intermediate Closed
Algonquin B Yellow Beginner Closed
Mohican B Green Intermediate Closed
Chingachguck C Yellow Beginner Closed
Ticonderoga C Black Very Difficult Closed

Ski Trails & Conditions

(*Trails serviced by the NW chair open at 3pm weekdays non-holiday & 10am on weekends and holidays, weather permitting. The NW Lift closes by 8:30pm on weeknights and Saturdays and by 4pm on Sundays.)

Snowmaking and Grooming is the Best at West! We now have 100% snowmaking abilities on the mountain!

MG=Machine Groomed, P=Powder, PP=Packed Powder, LG=Loose Granular, FG=Frozen Granular, WG=Wet Granular, SC=Spring Conditions, C=Corn, I=Icy, VC=Variable Conditions, TC=Thin Cover, TP=Terrain Park
Trail Difficulty Conditions Snowmaking
Melon Patch Green MG No
The Face Green MG No
The North Face Green MG No
The Meadow Green MG No
The Frolic Green MG No
Coy Dog Blue MG No
The Alley Blue MG No
Chute Green MG No
Turtle Back Green MG No
Inchworm Green MG No
Upper Holy Mackerel Green MG No
Lower Holy Mackerel Green MG No
Gnar-Wall Blue-Black MG No
Gnar-Wall North Black MG No
Slip Thru Blue Closed
Crossover Blue MG No
Shortcut Blue MG No
Mach* Blue/TP MG No
Go-Go* Blue MG No
Northwest Glades Black PP No
Northwest Passage* Blue MG No
Midway* Green MG No
AOA* Black MG No
Evergreen Pass* Green MG No
Gleason’s Road Blue MG No
Front Yard* Blue MG No
Connection* Blue MG No
Bannister* Blue MG No
Brandt’s Pass Green/TP MG No
The Cure Double Black MG No
Terrain Park (The Face) TP MG No
Tubing Park N/A MG No